Childrens Craft and Fundraising ideas

We offer 2 different packages all aimed at maximising returns to the fundraising group whilst providing value for money to the purchaser.

Art Badges - A great low cost fundraiser.

It provides an excellent return and requires great involvement of the children. We turn children's original artwork, photos or pictures into badges, key rings, magnets or compact mirrors.

We supply order forms, brochures & templates. All orders are individually packaged ready for distribution with a short turn around. It really is the no-fuss alternative for fundraising and a fantastic keepsake. No more dreaded sorting and packaging for the fundraising committee. Each item returns a profit of $1 to your organisation.

Most children do on average about 4-6 different pieces.

Personalised Art smocks & library bags

This is our premium fundraiser. Choose from a great range of personalised, Australian made items for school and play. Most items come embroidered with the child's name making them popular with parents and teachers a like - no more lost art smocks or library bags. Great range of products from smocks to towels, recorder cases to library bags.  All fundraising groups earn 15% of all sales. All items come individually packaged ready for distribution. A no-fuss fundraiser that allows parents to spend their hard earned money on necessary school items. Particularly good as a pre-school fundraiser in preparation for school start.

Crocodile Mask
Finger Puppets

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